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+ Used content as a solution selling tool for over 30 years in B2B.
+ Created teaching programs on how to develop a successful small business marketing program and presented it nationwide. 
+ Partnered with thousands of businesses nationwide on how to use direct marketing and mail to build a business and increase their customer base.
+ Published a variety of direct marketing and solution selling articles, white papers and newsletters in a informational and educational style.​


Our business is built on learning as much as we can about our client’s business. Our clients know they are important to us and are considered a “partner” for success. You will see our business skill set as marketers who want a successful business relationship. Join us, and start reaping the benefits today.

What other’s are saying...

“Thank you for a well-reasoned article Mike. Marketers’ understanding of the direct marketing strategy is quite limited. We need more good writing like this on the subject. Simply said, direct marketing goes well beyond the single medium of direct mail.”
Ted Grigg, LinkedIn Post, February 29, 2016

“I have been following your comments for some time and I feel like you are one of the few who really cares about the people you comment with. I like your insight and the way you think. Just keep up the good work.” Stephen Floyd, Network2100, November 4th, 2013.

“Hey MD! I hope you’re doing well! Great content you’ve been sharing – thanks for that!” Marissa Rogers, Constant Contact, June 2015

“Hi MarketingDoc – Re: Creative ways to use relevancy and less frequency…Constant Contact. Very good post. This blog is very instructive.” empresa de jardineria, November 19th, 2015.

“Mike – I hope this finds you and your family well – I always read your posts with interest and fascination. You have become a Trans-Atlantic guru of mine……a long distance mentor so to speak, but without the consultancy charge at the end of the month…..can’t be bad…..” Eric Cooper, ‘The ManualWriter’, December 2014

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