Our critical path for growth and customer satisfaction includes two distinctive marketing strategies: 

Direct and Customer-centric marketing.

An Innovative Marketing Hybrid to Directly Grow Your #SmallBiz

​The main goal for today’s marketing team is to get someone to buy a product without killing the marketing budget. This is not a new phenomenon. However, companies today are using a “disruptive” method in communication channels like email, on a daily basis. In reality, it’s another type of unwanted advertising, i.e.junk email or mail.

The old-age advertising methods, newspaper, radio, television, and direct mail, hit a few targets using a method of spray and pray, which was very costly. Most companies thought a 1-2% response rate was acceptable. Soon, this advertising will be another footnote in advertising history.

A Small Business Coaching Small Businesses

On the brighter side of advertising, especially for small companies, Multi-channel marketing uses a variety of communication channels. Such as direct mail, email, landing pages and channels in social media, are hitting their target market with very good results. For example, increased response rates and higher revenue. As a bonus, relevant customer communication, earns trust from consumers. Adding positive vibes for the brand image of your company.

The Critical Path for Multi-Channel Integration

Companies today using multi-channel marketing are more systematic and embrace technology. Their marketing people are learning to use technology which, increases customer satisfaction and bring new capabilities to reach more customers.

The critical path we execute for growth and customer satisfaction, includes two distinctive winning marketing strategies –

Our Hybrid – Direct and Customer-centric marketing.

The tactical toolset, data management and multiple communication channels, are critical to both strategies, reaching out to  many potential customers as possible. ​

Here are the at the most critical elements you need, to travel down the path to success, using direct multi-channel marketing.

Strategic Direct Marketing 

  • Two-way communicating
  • Clever and relevant copy              writing    
  • Design and visuals “speak to        the reader”
  • Measureable data base
  • Testing and Data Analytics

  • Multi-channel Marketing

  • A great lead generating tactic
  • Better control of message              frequency. 
  • Cross-selling yields a higher          response. 
  • Customers relevant copy               create better response.
  • Revenue increases with                every marketing campaign. 
  • Data Management

  • Data analysis and analytics generate                ideas 
  • Data compiled from a variety of channels 
  • Customer segments and updating                    frequently
  • Relevant messages for each marketing            segment 
  • A person in charge of marketing makes            data decisions.
  • Linked to a customer-centric marketing            strategy 
  • Strategic Customer-Centric Marketing Communication

  • Listen to, talk to and understand your                customers
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with                  customers
  • Customers get value added, no cost                services
  • Customers are not treated the same
  • Customer data is segmented with                      targeted profiles
  • Data driven marketing, it’s all about data, it’s all about action. Gaining a 360-degree view of customers is one of the most important marketing goals in our digital world.” MarketingDoc, CMO, Marketing Communications Group, Inc.

    CREATING IMPACT – introducing rich copy, visual 

    dominance, channal diversity – consistently fueled with data.

    Understanding your customer better isn’t as complex as you might think, but it does require a thoughtful analysis of where and how you can collect meaningful data.” Scott Gerber, CEO of Young Entrepreneur Council

    Data Management: The “super slippery oil” that keeps our platform running smoothly.

    We have, by far, the strongest data and data management capabilities within our industry. We own data. We know how to collect it, connect it and integrate it into creative efforts. Clients around the world look to us to combine that data with creativity in a way that speaks authentically to consumers. It’s a craft we’ve honed since Lester Wunderman first coined the term “Direct Marketing” in 1958.” Julie Rezek, Wunderman Agency, NY, NY

    Where do you want to be 4 months from now? 

    If you want better marketing results, then our hybrid can work for your #SmallBiz!​

    Journey #3 is packed with visuals, direct copy to stimulate your thought process and ideas you can use immediately within your marketing system.

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